We have a new name!

Cultural Infusion is pleased to announce the name change of our flagship product Diversity Atlas, formerly known as Ancestry Atlas. Diversity Atlas is a world leading online diversity measurement tool that generates insights into cultural and demographic diversity for organisations, communities and governments. It provides a simple yet powerful way to obtain valuable knowledge about the diversity of your workforce, community, customer or clients. We decided to change the name to Diversity Atlas because we believe it better reflects the scope and purpose of the tool.

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When we embarked on the journey that led to the development of Diversity Atlas in 2016, our original focus was on cultural and linguistic diversity. Cultural Infusion is based in Melbourne, Australia, one of the most multicultural cities in the world with over 230 ancestries represented in a population of five million people. Our team of developers, designers, facilitators and subject matter experts is also highly diverse, so measuring cultural diversity was an obvious place for us to begin.

However, we recognised from the start that ancestry is only one part of a person’s identity. Gender, sexuality, age, varying levels of ability and different worldviews all have an equally important role in shaping a person’s identity and understanding of the world. Moreover, these other aspects of diversity often combine to have an even greater impact on an individual’s personal journey in the workforce, in education, as a consumer or as a member of the wider community. This is what we call “intersectionality”, and right from the start we designed Diversity Atlas to capture and compare the different aspects of diversity.

Throughout all of this, somehow the name “Ancestry Atlas” stuck – but we’re changing that now. Diversity Atlas better reflects the full scope of the tool, which collects, compares and analyses diversity data at a more detailed and nuanced level than any other product in the market.

Contact us here to see Diversity Atlas in action and find out how Diversity Atlas can help your organisation reap the benefits of diversity in an increasingly globalised and interconnected world.

About the Author

Martin Plowman

Martin Plowman has worked in the diversity, mutuality and inclusion space as a facilitator and strategic planner for the past decade. At Cultural Infusion he developed the Diversity Agile framework for organisations, and in previous roles has led comprehensive diversity audits and was the primary author of the HealthWest Standards for Workforce Mutuality. Martin holds a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies from the University of Melbourne.