How it works

Diversity Atlas is the first tool in the world for analysing the diversity of businesses and organisations.

It’s designed for building strategies on advancing performance, inclusivity and wellbeing in the workplace.

Step 1: Registration

Staff complete a virtual survey. Data is gathered in these fields:

Some fields are optional.
  • Country of birth
  • Languages
  • Worldview
  • Self-identification
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Education
  • Disability

Step 2: Analysis

Data is organised on an easy-to-understand dashboard where results can be compared across departments, seniority and time. The Key Facts function generates instant insights into the diversity of your organisation.


Step 3: Strategies

Partner with our expert consultants on leveraging the diversity in your workforce to drive business outcomes. We can assist with bespoke strategies on building inclusive workplaces, improving staff engagement and productivity, engaging target clientele/audiences, or on goals specific to your business.


About Cultural Infusion

Cultural Infusion

Cultural Infusion was founded in 2003 to promote intercultural harmony throughout Australia and worldwide. We believe that the ability of individuals and groups to move between and respect cultures other than their native one is important for personal, community and business development in an increasingly globalised world.

We deliver a suite of programs ranging from consulting services, to training courses, to school programs reaching more than 350,000 people worldwide

In 2018, we became the first official partner of UNESCO’s Australian National Commission. Our work has won 15 international awards, including the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and BMW World Group's Intercultural Innovation Award. We were selected to represent Australia and present this product, Diversity Atlas, at the UN World Summit Awards.