Code of Conduct


Using Diversity Atlas in your organisation requires accepting, on behalf of your organisation, the terms of this Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct covers your obligations with regards to the fair and ethical use of the personal information which survey respondents are asked to share as part of their participation in a Diversity Atlas survey. Per the terms of your organisation’s contract with Diversity Atlas, your non-compliance with this Code of Conduct is grounds for our suspension of a Diversity Atlas survey until any such non-compliance is rectified.
Use of Diversity Atlas data

Diversity Atlas is supplied to organisations to gather data to help them better understand the nature and distribution of diversity of their staff, membership, or stakeholders. You can use the data to, for example:

  • Create team-building activities and build a respectful, inclusive organisational culture
  • Promote and celebrate the diversity of your workforce or community base
  • Develop personnel management and workforce planning policies aimed at ensuring a balanced distribution of diversity within and between different organisational units

All actions or policies informed by the data generated by Diversity Atlas should be designed and implemented in strict accordance with your jurisdiction’s anti-discrimination laws and regulations, be they in regards to gender, race or ethnicity, nationality, migration status, sexual orientation, or ability.

Information security

Members of your organisation tasked with administering a Diversity Atlas survey should maintain precautions to keep the results of a survey safe at all times, primarily by safeguarding against unauthorised access to the Diversity Atlas admin dashboard, which presents the results of your organisation’s survey. 

To this end, we recommend the use of a strong password controlling access to your organisation’s Diversity Atlas account. Do not write your password down anywhere and keep the number of people with access to the account to a minimum.

Informed consent

Organisations must make it clear that employee or member participation in a Diversity Atlas survey is voluntary, and not mandatory. This should be stated in all email communications about the survey. Please note that making employees’ participation in a Diversity Atlas survey mandatory may be a violation of privacy laws in some countries.